Bonneville Shoreline Trail


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Idaho to Logan
Logan to Avon
Avon to Bear River
Bear River to Brigham City
Brigham City to Pleasant View
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Intersecting Trails
Pleasant View to I-84
I-84 to Farmington
Farmington to Salt Lake
Salt Lake to Parley's Canyon
Parley's Canyon to Draper
Draper to Provo
Provo to Santaquin

Brigham City to Pleasant View(21.3 Miles)


Trail Description

Highland Blvd Trailhead (5.25 Miles -dirt)

Climb on the road through one switchback and then follow it southeast for almost a half mile. Turn left and climb a trail to a higher road, follow this higher road southeast. Wind through Boden Canyon, pass under the "B" and through Flat Bottom Canyon. 500 yards from the canyon turn left and climb the canyon road that enter Flat Bottom Canyon along its southern flank. As you reach the steep face of the mountain turn and head south on a dirt road that follows the contour of the mountain. Stay on this contour until you reach the pipeline then turn and follow the pipline road into Box Elder Canyon. When the pipline road meets the highway turn right and decend the road to go under the highway at the overpass.

Mantua Trailhead (2.5 Miles -dirt)

From the overpass try to find a trail that climbs the hill along the fence. If there is not a feasible trail then decend the highway climb the shoulder of the on-ramp on the south side of the highway. About 100 yards before the bridge turn left and climb a trail that climbs to the east then turns and continues to climb to the west. The trail intersects a road that is the trail coming from the Mantua trailhead along the fence.

The "I" Trailhead (3.5 Miles -dirt)

At this piont there are two alternative routs, the high route or the canal. Take the high route continue climbing to the level road that rolls south passing under the "I". To take the canal head down to the highway. Decend the highway for .5 miles and turn left at a dirt road along a canal. Follow the canal all the way to Pleasant View. The high route moves south past a fork in the road, stay on the lower more level road and continue past Dunnes Canyon and the "I". Continue south past Mathias Canyon and Evans Canyon. A few hundred yards past Evans canyon the trail intersects a lower path and runs parrallel to this until Perry Canyon. The road turns west at the canyon and decsends to the canyon road.

Perry Canyon Trailhead (3.5 Miles -dirt)

From the canyon road there are two alternatives. One is to climb up canyon for .2 miles and climb steep switchbacks up the south wall of the canyon. The other is to decend the canyon road to the canal and then follow a steep road that climbs a shallow ravine to the trail. The trail continues south paralleling the other path until the next canyon. The trail then decends in a straight line to the canal. Stay on the east side of the canal for a quarter mile then turn and climb through two switchbacks to a single track above the gravel pit. Turn into the canyon until you reach a single track that drops into the bottom of the canyon to the tree and returns to the canal.

Willard Canyon Trailhead (2.9 Miles -dirt)

Follow the canal south to a point where it goes underground and then resurfaces at a small orchard. Climb the road on the north side of the orchard up and then south to Cook's Canyon. Continue south into a small gravel pit, take the road on the east side of the pit. Follow this road south along the canal past Holmes Canyon to Pearson Canyon.

Pearson Canyon Trailhead (3.65 Miles -dirt)

Continue following the canal south through a gravel pit. Just before a dry reservior turn left and climb a road that climbs to a home in Maguire Canyon. Follow the road for .35 miles before turning right onto a dirt path. The heads east passing a watering hole and a corral. Keep the trees on your left and climb to a point 840 feet above the canal before decending to the power lines.

Pleasant View Trailhead (4.1 Miles -dirt)

Proceed under the power lines and cross Pole Patch Drive, follow the path under the powerlines all the way to the North Ogden divide. You can't get lost, just keep the powerlines over your head.


Highland Blvd Trailhead- From Salt Lake City take I-15 north to Brigham City. Take the third Brigham City exit. Follow highway 13 east to its junction with Highway 38. Continue east on 900 E and follow it as it bends south onto Highland Blvd. Proceed to 700 N where a dirt road climbs the hill on the east side of Highland Blvd. Park on the side of the road. There is also access to the trail from the next two streets, Sunset Dr and and Aspen Dr.

Mantua Trailhead- From I-15 take the Brigham City 11th St exit toward Logan. Follow Highway 89-91 up Box Elder Canyon to Mantua. Take the second turn off to Mantua at 600 N, turn right on Main and then right on 100 S. Follow 100 S to the Highway, just past the underpass pull off the right side of the road to park.

The "I" Trailhead- From I-15 take the Brigham City 11th St exit toward Logan. Follow Highway 89-91 up the hill. Turn right onto 1250 E and then left into a large dirt parking area.

Perry Canyon Trailhead- From I-15 take the Brigham City 11th St exit. Turn right at Main St (Highway 89). Go south on Highway 89 for 2.5 miles and turn left onto 3000 S. Turn right at the pond, just before you enter the gravel pit, park off the road in the open area above the pond.

Willard Canyon Trailhead- From I-15 take the Willard exit at the Flying J. Follow 750 N east to Highway 89. Turn right onto Highway 89 and in .6 miles turn left onto the gravel pit access road. Just before the gravel pit turn right and park near the fenced and buried water tanks.

Pearson Canyon Trailhead- From I-15 take the Willard exit just past the Smith and Edwards store. Go north on Highway 89 for two miles then turn right on 7425 S. Park at the end of the road.

Pleasant View Trailhead- From I-15.


Intersecting Trails

Flat Bottom Canyon- From the Highland Blvd Trailhead follow the trail south until it climbs Flat Bottom Canyon Rd. The road continues up the canyon then along the ridge to the top of Flat Bottom Hill.

Willard Peak Road- From the Mantua Trailhead cross under the highway and follow 100 S to Main St. Turn right on Main and follow it as it turns into Willard Peak Road. The road gains 4000 ft in 12 miles.

Dunns Canyon- From The "I" Trailhead climb into the canyon or go south and then climb the ridge. Both trails converge at Dunns Sadle and then descend to Mantua.

Perry Canyon- Start at the Perry Canyon Trailhead and go up the canyon.

Willard Canyon- Start at the Willard Canyon Trailhead and go up the canyon.

Pearson Canyon-


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Bridge near Mantua .


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Box Elder Creek near Mantua .


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