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Idaho to Logan
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Avon to Bear River
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Idaho Border to Logan (24 Miles)

Trail Description

Idaho Border Trailhead (3 Miles -dirt)

The only section of officially designated BST in Cache County is a two mile segment between Green Canyon and Logan Canyon. The Bear River Association of Governments did an alignment study, but the study did not outline a specific route, it simply gave general guidelines such as “follow the 5200 foot contour”. The trail description that follows describes a route that could possibly be followed today. Hopefully one day trail will be constructed in this area.

Follow Mountain Home Rd. to its intersection with 2400 E and climb 2400 E. Continue straight past the sole house on the road and over the top of the hill and descend to High Creek Rd.

High Creek Trailhead (3.3 Miles -paved)

Turn and ride down the paved canyon road, when the road forks, stay left and climb out of the canyon on Upper Richmond Rd. This road turns into 2000 E, continue on 2000 E. until it ends at 500 N. Turn east on 500 N and climb the road into Cherry Creek Canyon.

Cherry Creek Trailhead (1.25 Miles -dirt)

Just before the driveway of the first home on the road turn south and follow the path across the field to the canal. Follow Cherry Creek Ditch west as it bends around the hill and heads south.

Richmond Main Street Trailhead (11.25 Miles -dirt and paved)

Richmond City government is aware of the planned trail but presently has not included the trail in the cities Master Plan. Follow the ditch until you reach City Creek Rd, turn west on City Creek Rd. south on 250 E and then west on 825 S. Turn south on State St. and follow it to Highway 91 continue south on the Highway to Center Street in Smithfield. Follow Center St. east to 425 E., and then continue east on 100 N. and Summit Dr. to Hillside Dr. Proceed south on Hillside Dr. to 300 S. Turn and climb the dirt road to the fork in the road near the power lines.

Smithfield Dry Canyon Trailhead (1.8 Miles -dirt)

Take the right fork and head south under the power lines. Go around the front of the SV hill then climb the next ravine as it turns south just past the power lines. Follow the power lines south past Hyde Park Canyon.

Hyde Park Canyon Trailhead (3.25 Miles -dirt)

Continue south under the power lines, stay under the lines through a subdivision and follow a fence until you reach a gravel pit . In 2008 North Logan City agreed with two developers to build new sections of the BST further east at the foot of the mountain. The powerline corridor will remain an open trail but the BST will be located to the east of the new developments. 2008 also brought a new park to the mouth of Green Canyon. Skirt west through the gravel pit/dump and out onto Green Canyon road, 100 yards up the road a large sign marks the beginning of Cache Valley’s only official section of the BST.

Green Canyon Trailhead (2 Miles -dirt)

Wind your way south along the gravel path, careful the gravel on this new trail can be deep in places. In 1.6 miles the trail reaches the water tanks above Logan Country Club. Cross the canal on the new foot bridge and go down the steep trail to the new pedestrian underpass under highway 89.

Logan Canyon Trailhead (1.75 Miles -dirt and paved)

From the new pedestrian underpass head west down Canyon Rd. Go around the dam and at the bottom of the hill enter the Utah Water Research Lab parking lot. Cross the bridge and make your way around the south side of the building. At the back of the building the trail climbs west up the hill. The trail crosses the end of Summac Dr. before climbing to the top of the hill. At the top of the hill the trail dumps out into West Quail Park. Head south on Quail Way and then east on Mountain Road. Mountain Road ends at the Logan Dry Canyon Trailhead.


Idaho Border Trailhead- Take State Highway 91 to Franklin Idaho, turn east on 100 South to Cove Road which bends south after four blocks, and then curves back east. At the intersection with 14700 North find a place to park, this is the Utah-Idaho border.

High Creek Trailhead
- Take Highway 91 north of Richmond, turn left on 12100 N. Travel east until the road intersects with High Creek Rd, continue east past the intersection High Creek Rd. and Upper High Creek Rd. Park at the intersection of High Creek Rd. and 2400 East.

Cherry Creek Trailhead
- Take Highway 91 to Richmond, turn east on Main St. and then north on 300 E. Head east on 500 N. for 1.2 miles then park in the turn around on the left side of the road.

Richmond Main Street Trailhead
- Take Highway 91 to Richmond, turn east on Main St. Follow Main until it ends at a small shed and a water tank. Climb the road straight ahead on the right side of the tank to the trail that follows the canal.

Smithfield Dry Canyon Trailhead
-Take Highway 91 to Smithfield, then turn east on 300 S. Proceed until the road turns to dirt, continue for .5 mile and when the road splits. Here the trail proceeds south under the power lines and around SV hill.

Hyde Park Canyon Trailhead
- Take Highway 91 north of Logan to Hyde Park Lane. Head east on Hyde Park Lane then north on 400 East. Turn east on 410 North, follow the road as it bends over to 300 North. Finally turn south on 1000 East to Canyon Rd. Follow Canyon Rd. east until it intersect the trail under the power lines.

Green Canyon Trailhead- Take Highway 89-91 to Logan. Turn east at 400 North in Logan and follow Highway 89 east. Turn north onto 1500 East, go east at the T on Ellendale Ave. and then continue north on 1600 E. Turn east on 1900 N and follow it for .75 miles until you see the large sign marking the BST on the south side of the road.

Logan Canyon Trailhead
- Take Highway 89-91 to Logan. Turn east on Highway 89 at 400 North, continue east until the road drops off the bench into the canyon. Turn right on Canyon Rd. and park at Canyon Entrance Park across the street from the new pedestrian underpass.

Intersecting Trails

The Mount Naomi Wilderness area flanks the eastern side of this section of the BST. Mountain bikes are not allowed within the wilderness boundary. However, the wilderness boundary wraps around some of the canyons, allowing for use by mountain bikes.

High Creek Canyon
- Follow the directions to the High Creek Trailhead then follow the dirt road as it winds up the canyon for 3.5 miles to the wilderness boundary.

Cherry Creek Canyon
- From the Cherry Creek Trailhead continue up the canyon into the Mount Naomi wilderness area.

City Creek-

Smithfield Canyon- Follow the directions for the Smithfield Canyon Trailhead, follow Canyon Road up canyon where it changes from asphalt to dirt. From the junction of Canyon Road and Upper Canyon Road the road continues up canyon for 6.5 miles before arriving at the wilderness boundary.

Birch Canyon
- This trail intersects the BST .5 mile south of the Smithfield Canyon Trailhead, a short two mile push takes you to the wilderness boundary.

Dry Canyon-

Hyde Park Canyon-

Green Canyon- This trail intersects the BST at the Green Canyon Trailhead. One of the most popular rides for students at nearby Utah State University. A mix of single track and dirt road takes you 5 miles up the canyon.

Logan River Nature Trail- In 2008 Logan City laid a new water pipeline which will soon allow this trail to start at the mouth of the canyon. For now however the trail starts .7 mile up canyon from the Logan Canyon Trailhead, this trail follows a pipeline service road to second dam, a smooth single tracks leads you further up canyon before dumping you out onto the service road for the last push to third dam. Four miles from the BST to third dam. Bikes are not allowed on the trail past third dam.


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Smithfield Dry Canyon looking south toward SV hill .


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Hyde Park Canyon looking north .


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Green Canyon Trailhead .


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South of Green Canyon Trailhead .


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Heading south above Logan .


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Approaching Logan Canyon above the Logan Country Club .