Bonneville Shoreline Trail




The Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST) will one day stretch from the Idaho border to Nephi, more than 280 miles. Currently just over 100 miles of the route is officially designated as part of the BST. This website is a guide to the entire 280 mile proposed route. The route attempts to follow the bonneville bench that was formed by the ancient lake. The route described here is not yet fully designated as the BST, the route may cross private property or other obstacles, please be aware of signs, fences and unmarked obstacles. This trail is a work in progress, it was started by citizens and will be finished by them with your help.

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Key to Maps

BST Official - Green

BST Connector - Blue

BST Proposed - Red

Future Trail Construction - Purple

BST Trailhead - Green

Proposed Trailhead - Red



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2016 Annual Report now available

Idaho to Logan
Logan to Avon
Avon to Bear River
Bear River to Brigham City
Brigham City to Pleasant View
Pleasant View to I-84
I-84 to Farmington
Farmington to Salt Lake
Salt Lake to Parley's Canyon
Parley's Canyon to Draper
Draper to Provo
Provo to Santaquin